08 January 2010


Ponyo on the cliff by the sea

So finally I'm home, on the way home we got to see a flock of reindeers, they were stunning, and not frightened at all. We just sat there in the car and watched them slowly move away from the road so that we could pass by. It feels good to be home, But... I really miss having my sisters around.


  1. Oh, I haven't seen that one! Last summer I got a dvd-box with four of his movies, but that one wasn't included... Do you know if one can download it?

  2. Yes you can :) That's how I saw it, or else you could go to folkets bio and watch it in a couple of weeks (days?) not sure, but i think it's coming up there pretty soon :)

  3. Oh, I'd rather not be around people

  4. i think that one of the best ways of being around, is being around people. :)


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