29 April 2010

I don't do too much talking these days

listen to the song while scrolling down. If you want.

“He doesn't believe he loves his relationship until he dreams it.”

27 April 2010

his greatest love was executed, The pure romance was undisputed



Simones hands and feet, thank you for the help.

When I try not to overthink things, or when I try not to think at all
I croon through songs like this and find myself a bit lighter

25 April 2010

en tokas (m)ord

Det mitt pågående illamående som uppstår i (alltför) välmående sällskap.
Kvicka ord som kryper innanför min hud och utanför- har ni illvilliga
ofrivilligt lämnat mig till min förtjusning - har ni inte en susning(?) om
att det inte är ett problem att vara utesluten ur era system.
"Det var en röst som fick en att tänka
på någon som snabbt dammar persiennlemmerna
med en liten borste"

ur "fågeln som vrider upp världen" av Haruki Murakami


from "this side of the blue" - joanna newsom (awesome)

24 April 2010


Jag svär på att jag har cyklat den här vägen hem förut
och jag är säker på att min klocka visade samma klockslag då som nu.
Och visst har jag mer än en gång svängt höger i kurvan som leder hem,
samtidigt som Morrissey 01.41 bryter på rösten i "The queen is dead"
precis i den delen av låten har jag svängt till höger två gånger.
Och visst har jag mer än en gång varit less på förutsägelser och Deja vyer,
trött på bristen på tillfällen då man verkligen - verkligen kan säga:
"det här har jag inte varit med om förut"

21 April 2010

E.A Poe

I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.

20 April 2010



du krymper och finner återigen tryggheten hos varelser gjorda på polyester och garn.
du kan inte förneka att du med åren blir yngre, snart är du ett vuxet barn.

benjamin stengård

17 April 2010

Klockan är framvriden
och det är under tiden
som jag vrider mig och
vänder dig bort från mig

13 April 2010

Eurasian Tree Sparrow


I had company today. They were terrified and so were I. They said that they accidentally had flown into our balcony and had no plans on staying here longer. But they were paralyzed and I was afraid that they had brain-damages since they thought that every window in our balcony was air - and not glass. I found them at the floor when I first saw them, I almost thought that they were dead. But I could see their bodies were shaking so I put them in my sweater to see if they could get sharp on their own. As I waited, I left to get my camera, and when I came back they actually did look healthier, so I picked them up and opened the window, waited for them to get ready,(and obviously took some pictures while they did)

12 April 2010

pistol dreams


For a moment I dreamt I was in Texas, but when I turned to find the cowboy-hat-dressed men, and the big-horned cows, all I could see was a dusty plant. It kind of ruined the idyllic place I had fantasised about.

11 April 2010

The love of a spring-orchestra


When I get tiny enough, I'm making this my home.Photobucket
I heard the sound of the Wind-up bird and decided it was time to get out. Yes, because when the curtains sieves the sun and paints stripes on my body, and when the wind blows the gravel away, I go out and climb some fallen trees, and listen to the deers barking.
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Princess leia at your service.


09 April 2010

Dear stranger

dear stranger
thank you for making me stay
for it is the thought of
one day meeting you
that keeps me
and so many others alive.

Sunlight does strange things to people


08 April 2010

Woods, imaginarium and soup

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Yesterday was Dr. Parnassus Imaginarium, Wood-visits and tomato-soup. Lisa and Julia made a delicious pasta-tomato-soup (don't give me the cred for its good looks, I can barely cook at all) And after they went home, Minna, I and Sunny headed out for the woods and we found my old favorite tree. Me and my sister used to go there and have picnics when we were little. But now it's dead and it rests on the leaf-covered ground. Minna transformed into an owl. !

05 April 2010

This side of the blue

April on the west coast.

I went to the the Best-Coast and celebrated easter, we found an abandoned old house, crab-claws, piers and magnifying glasses. And oh, the way to the sea