27 February 2010


webcam-shots and small black spots.

I've been realizing a few things the last days. I realized that what ever you do, you should'nt ever regret because it will in one way or another turn you into the person you are today, and as long as you do things, you'll change in less or more meaningful ways. And yes, things you do can lead to what seems to be a hell, or misery, but it will always affect you and probably make you come to an understanding. These words comes from a very true and terrific person I just got to know.

Anyway, I've started to dream again - which really makes me happy and satisfied, I don't think I've had a nightmare for years now. Which is good since I dream very detailed. But I do miss feeling the feathers against my fingers while stroking the fur of a gryphon.

24 February 2010

Two or three years ago

This is a picture of me and my bahtroom. How we both looked two or three years ago. (I'm not sure) Anyway I miss both

22 February 2010

Winter's sleep (and to my surprise my eyes were wide and already open)


It's between the sheets I want to stay. For I don't know any warmer place to be,to dream, to linger - is - to fall asleep. To be alive. My brain is never as active as it is when I'm trapped in my unconscious mind. And I'm probably never as happy as well.

21 February 2010

This winter

This winter's that seem so cold yet burn inside of me - and I'm starting to get use to the thought that it won't end.

it's goose-bumps, that comfortable carpet, fresh air and way to much snow to go outside

3 feet snow


3 feet snow makes me stay inside with Dr.Reid and the bittersweet relation between me and my cat grows even more bitter.

Stockholm part 2


20 February 2010


I took the bus to Stockholm to visit my lovely sister, Sara. It's been two days since i left and there's a hole as big as the death star in my chest. So I'm gonna keep on with the blues and I'll post more photos later. (My computer is a total wreck and I'm full of disdain everytime I use it)

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketBilden på smörgåsarna: "Nio-till-fem-bilden" PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
(gnolar; en liten poänglös man....)

who's the big man now?

/And like I said; I'll post more Stockholm-photos tomorrow or so)

18 February 2010

Owen Pallett

2 April, Malmö.
it will complete me.

atleast for a while

13 February 2010


This is a swedish movie made by Henrik Hellström ( the director of Broder Daniel forever) And i warmly recommend it
En glad och en underraskad
crazy (8)
crazy (3)



11 February 2010

Habo - Din köksö i helvetet

Broschyrerna lyder:

Här finns det plats åt alla!
Helst de med trucker-keps och medfödd främlingsfientlighet. Besök också Habo kyrka för att fika tant-fika med skenkristna och överambitiösa kulturmedvetna - SÅ FÅR DU BÄST REDA PÅ VILKEN AV VÄGGFÄRGERNA SOM FLAGNAR AV FÖRST- Och vad du än gör - rör inte Krucifixet för Jesus ansikte har hängt lite slappt på senaste tiden - ungefär som min värdighet, skrockar hon (kyrkvärden) och hytter med den botoxfyllda sprutan som hon snart siktar mot Jesu anlete.

10 February 2010

G clef

Sailor & I, and some other friends of mine went to the first pop-soirée of the season, to listen to poetry and music. It was a really good start, espeacally the poetry of Matiss Silins, whom I later that night met at the station, got his card and here's his Website uhm. in swedish.

Funny thing; While the band was playing, I couldn't stop thinking about the cables on the floor, if you look on the second picture, you'll notice that there's one cable who looks exactly like a G clef! Also, (and I really don't know why) I discovered myself studying the singer's ears. I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful ears before, and I thought; If there are ear-models, he'd have good chances.



This Friday was home-made-meringue-friday, at my crib (of all cribs) People came to Habo, it doesn't happen very often, but when it does - I get very very happy. Although this home-made-meringue-friday was more like a sleepy-tired-friday, I don't think I could pick better people to get sleepy with this evening.

08 February 2010

Today's post secret

I couldn't help that recognizable-burning-feeling inside of me while reading this secret.
It felt like something revolutionary was about to happen.

07 February 2010

Animal (Now I'm pulling my disguise up)


I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still, I'm still an animal

(I know they arent good edited, but I edited them in Paint, (I don't have Photoshop, and my oldschool computer wouldn't know how to handle High Tech like that) so.. yeah, that would probably explain a lot)

Violin-songs to wear smiles to

04 February 2010

wishful thinking


I want the knowledge of every persons own culture
I want to know what it was like to grew up over every inch of the world
I want to discover the seas with diffrent arms around me
I want to settle down and die over the whole world
I want to live in every persons body to be able to lose the capacity of judging

02 February 2010

the bittersweet and the skins

the bittersweet and the skin

"Grey light, new day leaks through the window
And some old soul song comes on the alarm clock radio
We walk the forty blocks to the middle
Of the place we heard where everything would be "

Plans of paper, paper and pens, incenses, Bright eyes.
These elements made me ignore my math-studying. I have my exam on friday and I know that as long as my room smells like wildberries and as long as the blank paper stay blank, I probably won't do what I should do. Unless it's exactly what I'm doing



So I got some help from Minna, she has the most beautiful back I know (of -oh- all of the backs I've seen, bwaha)