27 February 2010


webcam-shots and small black spots.

I've been realizing a few things the last days. I realized that what ever you do, you should'nt ever regret because it will in one way or another turn you into the person you are today, and as long as you do things, you'll change in less or more meaningful ways. And yes, things you do can lead to what seems to be a hell, or misery, but it will always affect you and probably make you come to an understanding. These words comes from a very true and terrific person I just got to know.

Anyway, I've started to dream again - which really makes me happy and satisfied, I don't think I've had a nightmare for years now. Which is good since I dream very detailed. But I do miss feeling the feathers against my fingers while stroking the fur of a gryphon.

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  1. du är fortfarande så söt! <3 jag hoppas vi ses snart.
    till vad du sa vill jag quote Before Sunset:
    "Céline: And, what really surprised me, is that I was feeling with life, the same way am now. I was much more hopeful and naive, but the core, and the way I was feeling things, is exactly the same. It made me realize I haven't changed much at all.

    Jesse: Yeah, I don't think anybody does; people don't want to admit it, but it's like we just...we have these innate set points.

    Céline: Uh-huh.

    Jesse: You know, it's like...nothing much that happens to us changes our disposition.

    Céline: Really, you believe that?

    Jesse: I think so. I read this study where they followed people who had won the lottery, and people who had become paraplegics, right. I mean you'd think that...you know, one extreme is gonna make you...euphoric, and the other suicidal. But the study shows that after about 6 months…

    Céline: Uhum?

    Jesse: Right...as soon as people got used to their new situation, they were more or less the same.

    Céline: The same?

    Jesse: Well, yeah...Like if they were basically an optimistic, jovial person, they're now an optimistic, jovial person, in a wheelchair. If they're a petty miserable asshole, OK, they're a petty miserable asshole with a new Cadillac, a house and a boat.

    Céline: So, you’ll now be forever depressed, no matter what great things happen in my life?

    Jesse: Definitely.

    Céline: Great! (Laughs.) "


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