21 March 2010

A fairytale about a teller

He is a bit mental, but we call him inventor
there are people who would even say "a dissenter"

his mind is thoughtful and enourmosly giving
And he does imagine things for a living

So if you would care for a story or two
Enter his house and stay for a few

And though his tales are hard to believe
You will not regret and you sure wouldn't grieve

and a day like this makes me float back in time
when we met each other, (when I started to rhyme)

We were both loners, and the winter was beating
and the cold didn't leave, nor was it fleeting

so we moved into his mind: I listened - he told
and suddenly - we couldn't feel the cold

And we could've stayed there until the day we'd die
it could've become our home, and our only place to hide

hide from the mandatory place of death
hide from satan- to come for our flesh

Because he kept on telling his fantastic fairytales
he spoke about pirates and how they set sails

And then we cruised among them, to find the winters end
which was far ahead of us, too far to comprehend


We reached our destination, and that's all I know
for the winters cold vanished, and with it he would go


  1. Brilliant. Just brilliant!

  2. har du skrivit det? DU ÄR SÅ GRYM


  3. I did. thank you, dear ones!

  4. Du vet att du skulle kunna bli en fantastiskt författare, va?


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